When is NetZeroBuild Summit taking place?

This is a 4-day virtual event, running online from August 25-28, 2020. Once you have booked your pass you will receive details on how to access the event platform. If you would like to book a pass you can do that here.

Timezone: EST

Difference to BST (hours): 5 hours 

How do I register for the event?

Please book your pass for the event here.
You will then receive an email with full instruction on how to access the event platform where you will be able to create your personal schedule for the event including booking live sessions and organizing meetings.

How much is it to attend NetZeroBuild Summit?

For details on the cost of NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 virtual event pass please click here. 

To apply for the discount codes and special rates, please contact: info@netzerobuildsummit.com

What’s included in your NetZeroBuild Summit virtual event pass:

  • Access to all NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 virtual conference sessions
  • Unlimited access to the online event platform, which will be available approximately three weeks before the event dates

  • A $100 discount voucher to be credited on 2021 delegate passes

What time are the live sessions each day?

The sessions will run daily from 10:30AM - 2:00PM ET 

You are also able to network and schedule and take individual meetings 10:00AM - 4:00PM ET on each event day.

What time do exhibitor meetings start and finish?

Individual meetings and networking can take place between 10:00AM - 4:00PM ET on each event day.

Alongside these networking opportunities, there will be a series of live sessions to watch that will run daily from 10:30AM - 2:00PM ET


What equipment will I need?

You will need either a computer, tablet or smartphone with high-speed internet to access the event platform. It is recommended you have use of a microphone and camera so you can experience the virtual conference and networking meetings.

Which browser should I access the event platform on?

We recommend using Google Chrome when accessing the Net Zero Build Summit virtual event platform.

 For additional information on platform access and browsing, please see here. 

How do I enable sound and video for a meeting?

All meetings take place on the platform so the use of your microphone is required along with your camera if you are happy to do so. When your browser asks to access the microphone and camera you will need to say yes and allow it access (camera and mic should be set to "allow").

Sound and video can be tested before you click on the join meeting button by clicking on the respective "Test Video" and "Test Sound" buttons. 

When you have joined the meeting make sure your sound and video button is blue which on and not grey as this means it is off.

If you experience an issue with no sound during your meeting or if you did not allow your browser to access go to the bar at the top of your window where you see the URL, click the padlock that you can see on the right. This will pull up a pop-out window. You can then select 'unlock' and give permission for your browser to use your camera and microphone.

How do I fill in and edit my visitor profile?

Once you have registered you can fill in and edit your profile to make sure you are visible to other visitors and exhibitors. You will find the “edit profile” section in the left-hand menu in your account. Add basic contact details and edit your notification settings. You can also edit your matchmaking message to specify what you are looking for at the event.


What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard includes all your stats related to meetings confirmed, pages marked as favorite, number of matchmaking / networking potential matches. You can use it for quick reference, and it can be found in the “Your dashboard” section in the left-hand menu in your account.


How do I search for exhibitors and products?

You can view the full exhibitor list by using the “exhibitor list” button on the top menu. You can filter and search by exhibition name and product categories.

You will also find recommended exhibitors in the “recommendations” section on the left-hand side menu.

How do I request an online meeting?

To request a meeting with an exhibitor click the “meeting” icon on the exhibitor profile. This will open a screen where a new meeting request can be set up. You can request who you want to meet, send a message, and schedule a time.  The exhibitor will receive your request and accept it or suggest a new time. 

How do I send and receive messages?

You can send messages to exhibitors and other visitors.

Messages are accessed from the profile of the person you wish to contact.

- Click on the 'message' button within their profile.

 - A chat window will appear; you can type your message and click send.

 - The recipient will receive a notification indicating that they have received a new message, and they will be able to reply.

How does matchmaking and requesting meetings work?

The matchmaking section allows you to browse a list of profiles that are recommended to you, based on the information you entered when editing your Visitor Profile.

- You can mark those profiles as "NOT RELEVANT" if this is the case.

- Or you can click on "FAVORITE", and those profiles will appear under your "Favorites" section on the left-hand side menu.

- You can request a meeting from within the matchmaking section, by clicking on the 'Meet' calendar icon within the person's profile and sending them a direct meet request.

How do I favorite Attendees, Speakers and Exhibitors?

Whether you are looking at the Matchmaking list, the Speaker list, or at other Exhibitor profiles and their products (all accessible from the menu at the top of the page), you only need to click on the 'star' icon, and their profile will be added to your "Favorites" section on the left-hand side menu of your account.

How do I book a live session?

During the event there are a number of live sessions every day. The “my schedule” section on the left-hand side menu will allow you to book and view previously booked sessions.

Use the “my schedule” tab to view your meetings and sessions and directly view and book live sessions according to your preference.

How do I check my schedule?

All your meetings and preferred live sessions are recorded in one place, to make sure you don't miss anything important during the digital event!

Go to the "My Schedule" section in the left-hand menu in your account. 

- ALL SESSIONS lists all the conference sessions during the event. To add a session to your schedule, choose Calendar view, click on your preferred event, then click on "+ SCHEDULE".

- ALL MEETINGS lists all your incoming, pending, confirmed and canceled meetings.

- MY SCHEDULE lists both your preferred sessions and meetings in one place, so you don't double-book yourself.

Are the live sessions free to attend?

No, you will need to have purchased a pass to the event here. 

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For all inquiries about NetZero Build Summit please contact us and a member of the relevant team will get back to you shortly: info@netzerobuildsummit.com

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